The sooner, the better. From our experience, our high-seasons are School Holidays, Hari Raya and Chinese New Year’s season, Christmas, and New Year’s week, or any special event days. It’s not uncommon for us to run out of strollers and other popular gears. We recommend booking as early as possible to be sure your family travel during the peak seasons and holidays is as smooth and magical as possible.

No, we require full payment at time of booking because we are holding your items for you. We are not making the items you have chosen available to other potential customers – kind of like a vacation rental reservation.

We can accept PayPal, bank transfer and all major credit and debit cards. 

Unlike hotels or vacation rentals, we do not force a check-in and check-out time so that your family can have as much flexibility as possible. We count each day that you have the gear. We do not double book our days because we need time to inspect and clean the items to our very high standards. So if you were going to use the equipment starting early evening on Monday and keep them until the following Monday morning, we would count that as 8 days. We try to be as flexible as we can on this.

We have a 3 day minimum. You can rent items for a shorter duration than 3 days but we have to charge a minimum of 3 days in order to make the reservation worth the time for us.

Looking for a long-term rental? Rent for 21 days or more and we’ll discount your entire order! Discount does not apply to delivery fees.

  • Daily Rate for Days 1-8
  • Rental of 9-16 days: 10% off
  • Rental of 17-24 days: 20% off
  • Rental of 24+ days: 30% off

Your card will be charged when you place a rental order.

1. Delivery fee: This is our delivery fee for getting our items to you, fast and fuss-free!
2. Deposit: A security deposit of RM 250 will be charged if you have opted for Bank Transfer. This security deposit will be returned to you within 3- 5 working days once we receive the baby gear back from you. In order to ensure the refund process can be completed smoothly, kindly provide us your Bank Details (Bank Name, Account Name, Account Number)  by emailing us at [email protected] or simply replying to the e-receipt that you would have received from us.

Within KL and Klang Valley: Rentals will be delivered by a dispatch team. Using the BabyJimbo Service for deliver and/or pickup will be RM 15, however if you opt to not use it at all (i.e. self-pickup AND self-drop-off), we will refund the RM 15 once we have received our items back.

The delivery fee includes delivery, setup of most items (excluding car seats, safety gates and other baby-proofing items), and pickup at the completion of a reservation. If we have to return to the property for any reason that is not our fault, there will be an additional trip fee. Typically that fee is a one way delivery fee to your location. Also, the website works by honor system in that you pick the location that you understand is most appropriate. 

Usually that is no problem! Please contact us as soon as you know you’d like to extend your reservation. If the gear you are renting is available for the extra days, we can make that change for you and you will be charged for the extra days.  Extensions requested less than 24 hours prior to the originally scheduled pick up time are subject to an extension fee of RM 25.00. We may need to purchase additional gear to be able to extend your reservation.

You are responsible for the gear once it is delivered to you and it must be returned in the condition it was received. Please do not allow any food or beverages in any equipment other than high chairs or booster chairs and please do not allow smoking near the equipment. If items are returned to us extra dirty (including vomit or diaper explosions) or smelling of smoke, you will be charged an additional detail cleaning fee of RM 30 per item. In the unfortunate event that an item is damaged, lost or stolen you will be charged a reasonable fee to repair the item or fair market value plus shipping to replace the item.

We will collect the item from you at the address provided when your order was first placed. Should there be any changes (pick up address & method), kindly email us at least one day before the return due date (cut-off time is 3pm) to inform of these changes and we will make arrangements accordingly.

Our deliveries and pickups are usually between 10 am – 4 pm but as we’re currently using a part time dispatch and a third party dispatch service, hence we can’t grasp the exact timing our dispatch will be able to reach you. You may notify us on a timing (eg: before 1 pm, after 3pm etc), and our logistics team will try our best in arranging them to accommodate to your needs. 

Yes! An email reminder will be sent to you one day prior your baby gears delivery as well as returns.

Call us! You can also visit the manufacturer’s website for additional information and check YouTube for a video from the manufacturer. Car seats will always be delivered with a manual with installation instructions.

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) recommends to keep your child in the car seat for as long as possible, as long as the child fits within the manufacturer’s height and weight requirements. Please use the NHTSA car seat recommendations for children by age:

Car Seat Recommendations for Children

We will provide customers with a car seat manual that includes installation instructions, but we are not allowed to install a safety seat for a customer due to insurance and liability reasons.

Basic instructions are also typically printed on the car seat itself as a reminder/guide. Please always refer to the user manual to make sure the car seat you are renting is properly secured and appropriately installed. 

You may cancel all or any portion of requested Services up to seven days before the delivery date and receive a refund of all applicable fees. If you cancel all or any portion of requested Services one to two days before the delivery date, you will receive a refund of 25% of all applicable fees. If you cancel all or any portion of requested Services the day before or day of delivery, you will be charged a 100% cancellation fee. Please refer to the cancellation terms for further details.

Notwithstanding the forgoing, if you cancel all or any portion of requested Services for a rental period that occurs during the peak season or week of Hari Raya or Chinese New Year, or the week before Christmas, the week of Christmas, or the week after Christmas, (a) at least 14 days before delivery, you will receive a refund of all applicable fees, (b) at least 7 days before delivery, you will receive a refund of 50% of all applicable fees except the service fee, or (c) less than 7 days before delivery, you will be charged a 100% cancellation fee.

We are so sorry, we know it is frustrating. When we submit a charge to your credit card bank, those banks have automated systems that determine whether or not to accept the charge. This is NOT determined by us unfortunately.

Your credit card bank can decline a charge for the following reasons:

  • your normal spending habits don’t include services like this usually
  • spending location (have you ever spent on this card for this location?)
  • account balance (have you reached your credit limit/maxed your card(s)?)
  • wrong credit card number, expiration date, security code
  • transaction amount (high amounts are more likely to get declined)
  • international credit cards and locations

Call the number on the back of your card to authorize this charge and try making the reservation again.

A late-return fee of RM 50 per day will be charged for each day the item is not returned after the due date. If the item is not returned after one week (seven days), a fee of 150% of the retail price and corresponding sales tax, less the rental fee and total delay fees; will be charged.

We do not currently allow for the sale of our baby gears/equipments. Late fees and a charge of 150% of retail price will be charged upon non-return of the baby gear.

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