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Belly casting is a fun and unique way of documenting your “bump” in the final weeks of pregnancy.  We are excited to offer this service to the women in Malaysia! Many families proudly display their belly casting in their home, while others line it with a lambskin and use it as the baby’s first bassinet.  Book a session with our belly caster now to celebrate the miraculous work your body is doing in order to bring forth new life! Because it’s not like everyday you get pregnant, so why not remember how amazing your body can be, bringing forth your miraculous little one!!!

Your belly cast will be preserved and viewed as one of a kind art piece that can be painted and embellished to suit your nursery or decor. Completed projects present a wonderful, whimsical piece of art and an expressive symbol of love. An experience you don’t want to miss out on!!!

Our belly casting service includes all supplies.  The process takes about an hour from start to finish and the drying process takes another 3-10 hours. If you choose to have your cast painted the end product will take a bit longer.

When should I make my belly cast?

There is really no limitation. Generally, we recommend a belly cast be made between the 30 and 38 weeks of pregnancy.

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Price displayed is for normal paint (Gold/Bronze/Silver) for the belly cast. Should you need to add embellishments, please note that there will be an additional cost incurred. Additional note : There will be an additional mileage charge of 50 cent/km for journeys outside of a 30km radius.


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