Pantang / Confinement Period Essential Equipments


Please note that the price displayed above is for 7 DAYS (minimum) rental and includes RM 300 deposit. The deposit will be refunded to you once item is returned.

Product Information:

These are the ultimate equipment that you MUST HAVE for you to pantang like a true queen while saving cost by doing it yourself or with the help of your family members! Whether for 7 Days or for 44 days straight! You need all the essential equipment to make your confinement period more relaxing and your new life with your precious one much easier to handle and less stressful if you can’t find a Confinement Lady to take care of you. With these set, you can get the same therapy and treatment for your recovering postpartum body so you can be well rested during the confinement period! Fatigue mommy = not enough energy to take care of your newborn baby, which could affect your overall mental health and emotion. Hence you’ll need all the essential therapy equipment for you at home to make your new life feel less stressful.  We’ve got everything you could need for you to pantang independently! *Please note that this set is for the equipment onky. You will need to purchase the herbs separately

This Set Features:

  1. Portable Sauna
  2.  Steamer
  3. Tangas seat
  4. Sitz Bath
  5. Portable Bath Tub
Order Details (Please insert the number of UNIT you wish to order in the Duration section below. 1 Unit = 7 days) Price
1 week (1 unit x 7 days) : Rental for all items for 7 days  RM 179
2 weeks (2 unit x 7 days) : Rental for all items for 14 days RM 259
3 weeks (3 unit x 7 days) : Rental for all items for 21 days RM 319
4 weeks (4 unit x 7 days) : Rental for all items for 28 days RM 369
5 weeks (5 unit x 7 days) : Rental for all items for 35 days RM 409
6 weeks (6 unit x 7 days) : Rental for all items for 44 days RM 449

*All bundles are subject to availability at the time of booking. Discount does not apply to delivery fees, taxes or refundable security deposits. Not valid with any other offer or discount. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure you get the products as shown in the images, from time to time we may be required to substitute for an equally similar product.  Given the discounted nature of this bundle, refunds cannot be made for partially returned items.



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