TaiWani’s Bites: Taro Nest “Taroku”


Taroku is deliciously crunchy and addictive! Traditionally in China, grated ‘taro’ or yam is formed into nests, deep fried to a delicious crisp and used as the base for fillings. Taro nest is an Indo-Chinese dish. Once it appears on the table, it disappears with lightning speed because it is just that tasty! What is Indo-Chinese exactly? It is Chinese food adapted to Indian tastes, or marriage of Chinese ingredients. Indo-Chinese cuisine originated in India and is a uniquely South Asian phenomenon, which is very different from the Cantonese Chinese cuisine that’s available in the rest of the world.

Murukku on the other hand originated from South India. While there are many variations of this snack, this time, we make a lovely twist to the traditional Indian Murukku and the Chinese Taro Nest by combining some shredded taro and other spices to our recipe and called it Taroku, Which makes one of the best savoury snacks for your guests this Raya! It’s crunchy and packed with a ton of flavours! It’s hard to say no to this snack. The snack has a distinct flavours and crunchy texture as well as a few specks of carom seeds with cumin and sesame seeds. These taro nests is really crunchy and fragrant, especially with the added curry leaves and sesame seeds.

One jar consists of 25-30 pieces. Net Weight around 170-180 gram.



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