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Product Information:

We love sleep and understand that you do too. Our Amby Baby Hammock is a unique womb-like bed that soothes even the most restless baby. Whether your baby has colic, reflux or is just ‘a reluctant sleeper’ the Amby Baby hammock is perfect for you. As the Amby hammock replicates the comfort and security of the womb it is perfect for newborns from day one.

For centuries parents have known the benefits of  sleeping their baby in a Hammock.  Learn this age-old secret on how to get your baby to sleep – a secret now used in Hospitals, Daycare Centres and homes around the world. The Amby Baby Hammock! You will wonder why you ever used a cot, crib or bassinet.

Taking from centuries old baby settling techniques; Amby have designed a unique, modern, safe, British and European Standard Certified and award winning womb-like baby bed. The original and the World’s most trusted modern baby hammock since 1989.

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Would you do anything for a good night’s sleep?  Provide your baby with an irresistible sleep space that mimics the warmth and comfort they felt in the mother’s womb with the Amby Baby Hammock.   It was good before but now it’s even better with the release of the new and improved Amby Baby Hammock Air.  The brilliant new design includes features such as increased air flow and visibility and larger ventilation holes.   We believe in safety first and have worked hard to make the Amby Baby Hammock Air the safest baby hammock on the market.  The one of a kind adjustable incline will help ease reflux and colic whilst the rocking motion and lack of pressure points soothes indigestion.

It’s more portable to travel with baby and so easy to assemble.  And most importantly it will bring you and your family much needed sleep!

What you will receive:

    • The all new Amby Air hammock sling
    • Mattress with 100% quilted cotton cover *
    • Amby frame
    • Amby spring (rated to 12kg)
    • Amby cross bar
    • Spring cover
    • All new stylish Amby travel bag
    • Set of two fitted sheets


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