Cotton Candy & Pop Corn Machine for Rent


All prices as above include delivery, set up & serving crew! 

Product Information:

Popcorn and cotton candy live stations are the most popular live stations for events and parties! All time favorite and would please not only the children, but the adults too. They’re perfect as a sweet snack or dessert! From birthday parties to corporate events, if you are looking for super awesome popcorn and cotton candy, you are in the right place!

Our tasty popcorn and candy floss rental are affordable and comes with different flavours as well! Also, we are able to help with customize your branding on our machines too.

 Number of hours (minimum 2 Hours) Price
1 unit = 2 Hours  RM 700
2 unit = 4 Hours RM 1000
3 unit = 6 Hours RM 1400
4 unit = 8 Hours RM 1,800
Please book the time slot that you would like us to arrive. The price is as follows: • 2 Hours: RM 700 • 4 Hours: RM 1000 • 6 Hours: RM 1400 • 8 Hours: RM 1800 •


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