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All prices as above include delivery, set up & serving crew!

Product Information:

Popcorn live stations are the most popular live stations for events and parties! All time favorite and would please not only the children, but the adults too. They’re perfect as a sweet snack or dessert! From birthday parties to corporate events, if you are looking for super awesome popcorn and cotton candy, you are in the right place!

Our tasty popcorn and candy floss rental are affordable and comes with different flavours as well! Also, we are able to help with customize your branding on our machines too.

 Number of hours (minimum 2 Hours) Price
1 unit = 2 Hours  RM 400
2 unit = 4 Hours RM 640
3 unit = 6 Hours RM 880
4 unit = 8 Hours RM 1,120
Please book the time slot that you would like us to arrive. The price is as follows: • 2 Hours: RM 400 • 4 Hours: RM 640 • 6 Hours: RM 880 • 8 Hours: RM 1120 •

Popcorn is an all-weather and all-condition favorite item for kids. So, nothing to mention here why to choose popcorn as one of the main items in the birthday party. This snack is favorite among all age groups and a popcorn machine can do the job for you. We provide popcorn machine rental included in the package that you will avail.

Who does not like popcorn? Kids are more fond of Popcorn. So when popcorn machine rental may be, of course, the right choice for every party, particularly the one going to have kids. Moreover, making popcorn itself is the kind of experience that will excite you.

Be it wedding, corporate event or kid party, we are the right place to hire popcorn machine. Whether you want to hire a machine and have the fun of making the popcorn yourself or looking for the popcorn machine with a professional operator so that you can be free to take in the guests and mingle with them, we have got all the options crafted to best cater your needs.

Popcorn Machines: An Obvious Need for Every Party

Popcorn machines sit on the top of any party priorities today. Whether it is kids’ party, corporate event or summer chill out get together, popcorn makes the most crucial part of the menu there.

That authentic smell and flavor will have people lined up for a bag. A popcorn machine rental will bring a smile to everyone at your party. A popcorn machine is a great addition to kids’ parties or any function where you want to add a bit of classy flavor.

Renting Popcorn Machines is a pretty good idea for any sort of event- Be it a birthday party, kids’ party or any other events.  Our popcorn machines are easy to use. With some simple instructions, you can operate and have the fun of making popcorn for your guests.

Hire top quality machines for Popcorn candy

We conduct a thorough check to ensure the machine you hire from us is in the perfect condition to work efficiently. Hire our quality tested machines that are capable of delivering popcorn that tastes as good, if not better than, as the one sold at your local theaters.

With our popcorn machine rental, you:

  • Don’t worry about the mess in the machine
  • Get popcorn kart available with popcorn machines for an extra cost
  • Can hire popcorn machine with an operator with an extra cost

So just make a call or you can also reach us via email…and we will suggest you best popcorn machine for your party.

Getting the best quality food item should be the top-most priority here and we believe in delivering the best items to provide the popcorn item to the party members. A rental machine is enough for the job and we will install it there at the event for the client.


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