Baby Gears Deep Cleaning Service


Our Stroller Spa is a cleaning service specializing in deep cleaning of baby and toddler equipment like strollers, car seats, highchairs, cots and much more. We will do the six-step cleaning process for your baby gears. We want to help provide a clean and healthy space that your child occupies on a daily basis.
We clean using a steam process which produces an ideal combination of moisture and heat needed to sterilize and clean. Our high-quality steam cleaning equipment  deodorizes and sanitises killing bacteria, mould, spores and dust mites. The vapor molecules are so hot that they are not only able to extract pathogens like E.Coli and Salmonella from the surface pores, but also kill them. It reaches organic materials deep down in the surface. Dead organisms, even in the innermost pores, can then be extracted using a powerful vacuum, effectively restricting further germ growth. Book a date with us now to steam clean your baby gears! We will contact you a day before to arrange the time to pick up the baby gear and will inform you when the item is ready to be delivered back to you!
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Please note that we will pick up and deliver the baby gear from your location within Klang Valley only. Price displayed is for one baby gear. We will take approximately about 3 to 5 days* to deep clean the item before returning it to you (* - depending on type of baby gear and during low season only. High season may take 5 to 10 days)


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