TaiWani’s Bites: Snowflake Crisps


These snowflake crisps are a symphony of contrasting flavors and textures: chewy and crispy, milky and fragrant, sweet and salty, yet with a hint of tanginess for balance. This snack is blowing up in popularity in Taiwan for a good reason! The sweet and salty mixed with the unique texture is soooo addictive that it is making your guests wouldn’t want to leave your house during Raya! 😅

Snowflake Crisp is probably the most popular snack in Taiwan in the recent years. It was created and sold at a store in Yilan city in Taiwan and because of its amazing taste and textures, it quickly went viral on the internet!

We at TaiWani’s Dessert would also like to jump on the hype train and create our own version of halal home made Snowflake Crisp! Think of milk nougat, but crispy and BETTER! We love the balance of the soft, chewy and creamy milky nougat with the slightly salty cracker, all of which is brightened up with the hint of tartness from the cranberries. While these are slightly chewy, they melt in your mouth in the most satisfying way after a few bites!!

One jar consists of 22-25 pieces. Net Weight around 250 gram.



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